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20th – 25th March 2018



By now, I’m sure most of you have heard about the terrible incident a month ago in Leicester. I’m also quite sure a lot of you know the lovely gig going folks Jon and Jo Reek, either personally, or from school, or just Basket Case Gigs. I’m posting this here to give the 800 or so folks a month who pop by here, a chance to help in the appeal in  aid of Leah’s memory. All funds in aid of Loros which was a cause very dear to Leah. If you can help? just click on “JUST GIVING IN MEMORY OF LEAH REEK” title Above. Thank you




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Tuesday 20th

The Crown: Melton Folk Club (In the Tiger Room Upstairs) 7.30pm

Wednesday 21st

Bills Bar (Oakham): Open Mic Night Hosted by Simon Booth 8pm

Thursday 22nd

The Generous Briton (Genny B): Scampi’s Karaoke


The Noels Arms: ‘The Sugar Tree’ 8.30pm 9Debut)

The Generous Briton (Genny B): Cheese Party

The Black Swan: Disco 2020

 The Grapes: Disco

The Half Moon: Tiny Tony and Karaoke   



The Black Swan: ‘The Rebels’ 9pm

The Generous Briton (Genny B): ‘Synner’ (Debut) 9.30pm followed by Groove disco

 The Noels Arms: ‘‘The Worx’ 9.30pm

The Grapes: ‘Leigh Hitch’ 10pm

 The Half Moon: Tiny Tony   and Karaoke






The Noels Arms: ‘CJ Hatt’ 4pm

 The Crown (Asfordby): Chill Soul Sunday at The Crown’ 4pm

 The Geese and Fountain (Croxton Kerrial): ‘Lee Robertshaw’ 5pm  

 The Half Moon: ‘Shane Poole’ 8pm

 The Generous Briton (Genny B): Scampi’s Karaoke  




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