FRIDAY 24th May

RAF Association (Asfordby Road): ‘Sophie Pentecost 8pm (Non Members need to contact club via event HERE to get on Guest List)

An amazing singer – singing Rat Pack classics, Jazz and Swing. A beautiful voice and a stylish performance – NOT TO BE MISSED! Get your tickets early to ensure your place. Light table platter included. £12 per person. Tickets available from the bar.

Sophie’s love of singing started at the age of 12, when she became a chorister at Winchester Cathedral. This spurred on her love of Classical music at a very young age and she went on to study Music at Masters degree level.

Since leaving University in 2008 Sophie has been exploring the world of jazz after becoming a member of the a cappella group Apollo5. Since leaving Apollo5 in 2013 she has been pursuing a solo jazz career with performances for charity and private bookings.

If you are interested in booking Sophie for any special event, then please get in touch.


(Non Members need to contact club via event HERE to get on Guest List)




The Geese and Fountain (Croxton Kerrial): ‘Lawrence Country’ (Debut) 8pm Part of 50 Not Out Beer Festival

As part of the Landlord’s 50 Not Out Beer Festival, the Geese and Fountain welcome back the invincible Lawrence County (formerly DH Lawrence and the Vaudeville Skiffle Show, but that didn’t fit in facebook event title boxes) for the birthday party of the ages.

Hailing from the green hills and valleys of the Bagthorpe Delta, Nottinghamshire UK. Expect a sepia tinted … unlikely blend of attitude, Americana & Alt-Country.
Drawing heavily from the rolling landscapes that once graced the footsteps and literary musings of DH Lawrence. Their sound is an earthy, infectious foot stomping vibe with, fiddle, accordion, raw guitar and lots of raggedy sing along choruses. Of their live shows, they say … ‘Once seen never forgotten.’

A little less washboard than the last time they stamped their feet on our ancient wooden floorboards, and a little more electric guitar, but those catchy melodies and raggedy choruses will still have you singing along, long after the live show ends … and deep in the Bagthorpe Delta … DH Lawrence STILL watches.

There will be cake. And a stupendous array of birthday beers. Do not miss this night.




Montero Lounge: ‘Sam Hinds’ 8pm (Debut)

First gig at this amazing venue! I’ll be playing old classics and new originals throughout!

No Bio so show you on either of Sams Facebook profiles.

The Welby: ‘Bitter and Twisted’ 8pm (Debut)


Bitter and Twisted are a local acoustic duo performing well known classic covers. All ages and genres of songs are catered for. This is no ‘tra la la lee’,, ‘airy fairy’, ‘wishy washy’, type combo. The pair perform with oomph, attitude and humour. Darren plays the guitar and sings. He wears glasses, and is quite sensible. His assistant sits on a box and can’t play or sing. He doesn’t wear glasses but needs them. So if you fancy a sing a long party atmosphere with a bit of fun, a bit of clapping, a bit of dancing, its Bitter and Twisted. Why not go and see them – you might like it. (Further details on Facebook)


Belvoir Brewery (Old Dalby): ‘Drivin’ Miss Crazy’ 9pm (Debut)

Cast your mind back to January, or even Jamuary (rember that?) in fact remember a killer line up with a female vocalist belted out “Shook me all night long” (the Video itself had over 1 thousand hits within that very same weekend! Really!), This is that Band, A Band, as a Country, Rock, and Blues Band, and they have come to town!.. This band ‘Drivin’ Miss Crazy’ (Not Miss Daisy as I keep putting……Sorry Roy 😉 x ) Anyways, this band has been in the making over the last ages, and absolutely stormed their deput Noels Gig on the 15th of June at The Noels. The Killer lineup featuring gorgeous and most excellent vocalist AMANDA JAYNE, Melton’s own RAY CALLCUT on guitar, (Not Roy Clackett! Who’s keeps saying that?) Killer Keyboards courtesy of PETE LAKIN , Dyamic Drums courtesy of ANDY LAMB, and Blisterin’- Bass provided by MATT LAMB!

From the Band “We wanted to get it right, so in not rushing this band out, we have dug deep and prepared a song list of some great classics from bands like The Eagles, Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton etc and sought to be a little creative with a few arrangements!’




The Noels Arms: ‘The Cheeze’’ 9pm

Pop-pickers! Friday Night we’ll be making a return to the coolest pub in Melton, The Noels Arms! A lot of you are no doubt planning to go to a certain local festival instead. Is that wise? There won’t be any mud so you won’t get the full experience. It’ll be a real let-down. Ok, so there’s no mud at The Noels either but at least there are toilets. Ok, so there are also toilets at the festival, but do they have a hand drier? No they don’t. Your hands will get chapped & you won’t want to apply hand cream in front of the other hippies as they’ll think you’re a wuss. At least if the hand drier packs up at the Noels you’ll be able to dry them by the roaring log fire. Ok, so there’s probably a roaring fire at the festival too but……Oh sod it, make yer own bleedin’ minds up!! Edan, Nozzerrella & Gordonzola xxx

You will have to stand on your head or rotate your phone to view this one. 🙂


The Black Swan: ‘Big Dave Bopper’ 9pm


‘Big Dave Bopper’ has been in the music business for more than 30 years, he started out as a drummer in a band with his two brothers raising money for a number of charities. But it was his love and passion for Rock n Roll that changed his direction in the style of music he enjoys performing. He put together a Rock n Roll band with two other lovers of the music, but after three years Dave decided to go solo! This was the best move he made, the passion that he has for the 50’s and 60’s music is always delivered in his performance and he never fails to entertain the crowd. Where did his stage name come from? Well………those who know Dave will tell you that he is not the slimiest of people hence the Big, Dave for obvious reasons and Bopper because he was a big name in the 60’s with Rock n Roll. Dave has a number of followers who love and support him and his music where ever he is playing; so if you are a fan of the 50’5 and 60’s music he is defiantly worth a watch. ‘Big Dave Bopper is the Big man with the Big heart and a fantastic voice.



The Genny B (Generous Briton): DJ Simon

The Grapes: DJ

The Half Moon: Tiny Tony and Karaoke