FRIDAY 19th July

The Black Swan ‘Sounds Rite’ 9pm

Brothers John and Ronnie Horton, two local lads who make up the popular singing duo ‘Sounds Rite’. They first performed together back in 1972 in a band called Triax, which enjoyed many years success until they disbanded 18 years ago. However due to their love of music John and Ronnie chose to continue to perform as a duo. Since then they have been regularly performing and filling pubs and clubs in and around Melton, playing Rock, Pop and Ballads from the last five decades. Their next performance is due to take place at the Black Swan Friday Evening.

The Noels Arms: ‘Link N Park’ Ticked Event Tickets £5  (Sold Out)

2 years ago the music industry was struck by tragedy when Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington took their own lives. Both suffered from mental health disorders including depression.

This year, on the day before the anniversary of Chester’s tragic death, the Noel’s Arms are hosting a night to raise money for mental health services in the Melton area.

The band for the night are the leading UK Linkin Park tribute act: LINK N PARK!

Tickets are £5 each with a portion going towards the donations.
Donation buckets will be out all night.
Doors open at 8pm, July 19th.
Tickets are only available from the Noel’s.


The Grapes: DJ Tom Spitfire

The Half Moon: Tiny Tony and Karaoke

The Genny B (Generous Briton): DJ Simon