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Do you Love Pub Bands, Live Bands? Open Mic Nights, Rock Music? Original Music? Folk Music? Punk? Comedy?, Shakespeare in the Park? Poetry? and all kinds a Music? Melton Gig Guide provides weekly information to inform The Good Gig Going folks of Melton Mowbray in The UK FOR FREE! (because we love live Music and we are like that).

#MeltonMowbrayRuralHeartofMusic Venues include The Generous Briton (Genny B), The Grapes, The Cutting Room, The Noel’s Arms, The Crown, The Black Swan, The White Lion, The Crown (Asfordby), The Boat, The Sute (Asfordby Hill) The Sugar Loaf (Ab Kettleby) The Roase and Crown (Hose) The Nags Head (Harby),The Carington Arms (Ashby Folville) The Geese and Fountain (Croxton Kerrial), The Saddle (Twyford), The Tavern, Melton Theatre, and any other pop up events within the Borough of Melton Mowbray. If you Can’t Find It? #GigGuideIt

Mon 17th:

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Wed 19th:

The Crown: Melton Folk Club (In the Tiger Room Upstairs) 7.30pm

If you can play fiddle or if you can’t play fiddle, if you can dance, if you can pole dance, if you like blues or hate blues, if you can tap your foot, if you can’t tap you’re foot, if you like a good laugh, if you like a bad laugh, if you are looking for something, if you think you’ve found something, if you like heavy metal, if you like light metal, if you think you can sing, if you think you can’t sing, if you can recite poems if you can’t recite poems, if you’re a doctor, if you’re not a doctor, if you’re ever so musical, if you’re ever so slightly musical, if you’re not in the slightest musical, if you like Dylan, if you hate Dylan, if you’ve got new shoes, if you’ve got old shoes, if you like beer, if you like a lot of beer, if you’re moody, if you’re broody, if you’re darn right choosey, if you’re the boss if you hate the boss, if you like eating nuts, if you are indeed a bit of a nut, if you like clapping, if you don’t clap or even if you want to sit and listen to some good music for a while…….you are most welcome. The Melton Folk Club, tonight and every Wednesday – 7.30 till 10.30 The Crown Inn, Burton Street, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire

Adrian Kerr’s new Folk club page is here:

Thursday 20th

The Half Moon: ‘Pete The Beats’ Drum and Dream debacle 5pm

Bet. 5pm & 7pm this Thursday (20/2/20) and courtesy of those nice people at The Half Moon PH I shall be attempting to entertain via the medium of Songs and Poetry. It’s my first bash at this so who knows how it’ll all end up. I’d love people to join in and save the evening, or come and shake your head in disbelief. Whatever. Let’s do it together. PtB xx


The Noel’s Arms: Open Mic Night hosted by Simon Booth 7.30pm One free Frink to each performer

Fancy a go performing on the Noel’s stage? Got new material? Got a bit of stage fright to overcome? Then come to the Noel’s for a judgement free, extremely friendly open mic night.

“This is a fantastic night and suitable for young and not so young. It is a great night and a chance for established musicians who want to try out new stuff or anyone who wants a chance to play on a stage. we welcome musicians, singers, poets, comedians any performing art is welcome. The night is very friendly and we support all who come. Great pub, great staff, great punters, you will love it. the music venue of the local area. please spread the word” Simon Booth, Open Mic Night Host

Don’t just take Simon’s word for it! Come on down and see for yourself. There’s a free drink for each performer and a chance to talk 2020 diary dates with David or Jess. 😉

From Simon Both:

Hi all, I’m excited to announce that on Thursday I will be running a fortnightly open mic at the Noels Arms in Melton 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm. Melton is full of musicians and music lovers so all singers, guitarist, percussionists, etc you are all welcome. Please share to as many musicians and music lovers you know so we can make this a great one. All ages and styles of music welcome. Come and have a great one.

Simon Booth at the Escape to the Perfect Town Jam Night 2019. Picture Credit: Pete Wilkinson

The Generous Briton (Genny B): Scampi’s Karaoke

Picture taken at Back to the 80s III. Picture Credit Paul Manny Manson from Mannytography