Mon 15th – Thurs 18th July

Tuesday 16th

Melton Library: 1.15-2.15pm Singing Café

This is a Singing Café for people with mental health challenges. (Inc Memory Loss and Dementia) £3pp

Wednesday 17th

The Crown: Melton Folk Club (In the Tiger Room Upstairs) 7.30pm

If you can play fiddle or if you can’t play fiddle, if you can dance, if you can pole dance, if you like blues or hate blues, if you can tap your foot, if you can’t tap you’re foot, if you like a good laugh, if you like a bad laugh, if you are looking for something, if you think you’ve found something, if you like heavy metal, if you like light metal, if you think you can sing, if you think you can’t sing, if you can recite poems if you can’t recite poems, if you’re a doctor, if you’re not a doctor, if you’re ever so musical, if you’re ever so slightly musical, if you’re not in the slightest musical, if you like Dylan, if you hate Dylan, if you’ve got new shoes, if you’ve got old shoes, if you like beer, if you like a lot of beer, if you’re moody, if you’re broody, if you’re darn right choosey, if you’re the boss if you hate the boss, if you like eating nuts, if you are indeed a bit of a nut, if you like clapping, if you don’t clap or even if you want to sit and listen to some good music for a while…….you are most welcome. The Melton Folk Club, tonight and every Tuesday – 7.30 till 10.30 The Crown Inn, Burton Street, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire

Adrian Kerr’s new Folk club page is here:

The Noel’s Arms: Open Mic Night hosted by Simon Booth 7.30pm

Hi all, just to remind Meltonites (not a word but it works for me) open mic is on at the Noels again. it has been amazing so come and have a try or just watch look forward to seeing you there.Jules Long, Caitlin Roberts, Robert Long, Darren Hall, James Weight, James Southerington, Stella Walker, Christopher John White, Daniel Philip Cooper, Daniel Gray, Susie Gray, Angie Dory Squidge, Ellie Watson, Jonny Trash, Joe Bishop and anyone else. Spread the word as this is turning out to be a corker of a night.

Thursday 18th

“There’s never anything to do in Melton” BUGGER OFF! there’s tons. Get off your backside and laugh your head off then sing your socks off.


No Money? This Comedy is free entry, be polite though, If you like the acts, put a couple of quid in the Buskers Bucket (The Hat) as you leave.

Thanks x

The Noels Arms Wax Comical Comedy Chipshop: Free Comedy!

7.30pm (Food) 8pm Comedy

Headlining Radio 4’S Tom Wrigglesworth, with Roger Sift, Stephanie Laing, Ian Sirius Peskett and Alex Black.

For those not in the know, WAX LYRICAL was a night of Original Music, they were very popular (and hopefully will come back soon!) WAX COMICAL is a play on words of that, It’s a night of original comedy, with real comedians from the Comedy Circuit. Why Comedy Chip Shop? If you’re quick enough, and pop into the Noel’s Arms and pay your money, you can have food prior to the show. Fish and Chips or Sausage are served at 7:30pm which I think is great because you don’t have to worry about getting tea first on a “School Night”! It’s free to get in, and a buskers bucket is in operation at the End.

Go in the pub to book a table, Pre-Pay your Fish and Chips order. You don’t have to eat to book a table.

Please bear in mind these comics have used public transport to get here BECAUSE THEY AINT LOCAL! So I think a fiver in the bucket for 5 comics entertaining you all night is a fiver well spent.

Hosted by Jon Pearson. 

Jon began stand-up comedy in 2010, with his first performance at Birmingham’s Highlight Comedy Club.

Two successful Edinburgh shows later, and 5 years working the UK comedy circuit, Jon is now regularly found at the biggest and best comedy clubs across the UK including The Glee Club, The Comedy Store and Jongleurs, both as an act and a compere.

His 2015 Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival show, Jon Pearson: Tall Order, sold out at Melton Theatre within 2 weeks of the tickets going on sale.

Jon’s laid-back storytelling has audiences hanging on his every word. With tales based around his own life experiences, his anecdotes are relatable and certain to have people in hysterics.

Personally, and a personally speaking! I’m very much Looking forward to the day Jon takes his role as Ed Kemper in The Musical Version of Netflix series “Mind Hunter”

Headlining is Tom Wrigglesworth.

Tom Wrigglesworth is an established Stand-Up comedian known for his live storytelling shows and BBC Radio comedy programmes which take a comical and emotional look at family relationships.

Stephanie Laing is Fun Warrior. Novice Bogler. Strong swimmer. Stand-up person. And she can sleep leaning nonchalantly against a wall.

Goofy and peculiar, Stephanie Laing’s comedy is partway between the needy oddness of Maria Bamford and the upbeat affability of Josie Long.  Her material is a mix of silliness, filth and unusual observations, underpinned by a disarming honesty which makes her seem charmingly vulnerable.

Stephanie started performing in April 2007 on the Scottish comedy circuit.  She had shows at the Edinburgh Festival in 2010 and 2012, and has performed at The Stand (Edinburgh and Glasgow), The Comedy Store, Crack Comedy, Downstairs at The King’s Head etc.  She is now based in London.

Press Quotes:
‘Truly commanded the crowd.  Disgusting and delightful in equal measure.  She is definitely one to watch.’ (Three Weeks)
‘A great stand-up. Super smart in the fun way that always works magic’ (Phil Kay)
‘In amongst a strong line-up – she stole the show for me. Her delivery is so good and material well written that she was the freshest and funniest act of the night.’ (Keir McAllister)


Ian Sirius Peskett


Alex Black

Wow they’ve only just gone and added Roger Swift, do you like Tommy Cooper or Tim Vine puns? The you’ll get and Love Roger Swift.

“I tell puns. I try and invert what a usual standup comedian does. I don’t care about being or looking cool or slick. From “Roger Swift talking to Fringepig about his The Free Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Generous Briton (Genny B): Scampi’s


Picture taken at Back to the 80’s, Courtesy of Paul ‘Manny’ Manson