Tuesday 21st – Thurs 23rd May

Tuesday 21st May:

Melton Library: 1.15-2.15pm Singing Café

This is a Singing Café for people with mental health challenges. (Inc Memory Loss and Dementia) £3pp



Wednesday 22nd May:

The Crown: Melton Folk Club (In the Tiger Room Upstairs) 7.30pm

If you can play fiddle or if you can’t play fiddle, if you can dance, if you can pole dance, if you like blues or hate blues, if you can tap your foot, if you can’t tap you’re foot, if you like a good laugh, if you like a bad laugh, if you are looking for something, if you think you’ve found something, if you like heavy metal, if you like light metal, if you think you can sing, if you think you can’t sing, if you can recite poems if you can’t recite poems, if you’re a doctor, if you’re not a doctor, if you’re ever so musical, if you’re ever so slightly musical, if you’re not in the slightest musical, if you like Dylan, if you hate Dylan, if you’ve got new shoes, if you’ve got old shoes, if you like beer, if you like a lot of beer, if you’re moody, if you’re broody, if you’re darn right choosey, if you’re the boss if you hate the boss, if you like eating nuts, if you are indeed a bit of a nut, if you like clapping, if you don’t clap or even if you want to sit and listen to some good music for a while…….you are most welcome. The Melton Folk Club, tonight and every Tuesday – 7.30 till 10.30 The Crown Inn, Burton Street, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire

Adrian Kerr’s new Folk club page is here: https://www.facebook.com/meltonfolkclub/




Thursday 23rd May:

The Noel’s Arm’s: Wax Comical Comedy Chipshop 8pm Jon Pearson, Sarah Johnson Harvey Hawkins Sean McBurney Gavin Webster

 We are back on the 23rd May!  This lineup is going to be superb!

It’s still absolutely free to get in!

You can still book your seats, including fish and chips, just speak to David or Jessica behind the bar to reserve your seats!

Headlining is Gavin Webster.

For those not in the know, WAX LYRICAL was a night of Original Music, they where very popular and hopefully come back soon! WAX COMICAL is a play on words of that, It’s a night of original comedy, with real comedians from the Comedy Circuit. Why Comedy Chip Shop? If your quick enough, and pay The Noel’s Arms. Fish and Chips are served at 7:30pm so you don’t have to get your Tea first. Its free to get in, and a buskers bucket is in operation at the End. Please bare in mind these comics have used public transport to get here BECAUSE THEY AINT LOCAL! So I think a fiver in the bucket for 5 comics entertaining you all night is worth £5. I’ve seen several comics here that have appeared on TV’s live at the Apollo, 2 I can think of have wrote Comedy for TV and Radio (Dane Babtiste “Sunny D BBC3 and Alfie Moor “It’s a Fair Cop” Radio4.

It’s a top night out and a great start to the weekend especially if you do some Karaoke on the way home!

Jon Pearson.

Jon began stand-up comedy in 2010, with his first performance at Birmingham’s Highlight Comedy Club.

Two successful Edinburgh shows later, and 5 years working the UK comedy circuit, Jon is now regularly found at the biggest and best comedy clubs across the UK including The Glee Club, The Comedy Store and Jongleurs, both as an act and a compere.

His 2015 Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival show, Jon Pearson: Tall Order, sold out at Melton Theatre within 2 weeks of the tickets going on sale.

Jon’s laid-back storytelling has audiences hanging on his every word. With tales based around his own life experiences, his anecdotes are relatable and certain to have people in hysterics.

Personally, and a personally speaking! I’m very much Looking forward to the day Jon takes his role as Ed Kemper in The Musical Version of Netflix series “Mind Hunter”


Sarah Johnson:

If you missed it, Earlier in the year, Sarah absolutely smashed it at the comedy All-dayer with her Edinburgh show, “Mums Going to Ibiza” The journey of a Mum-Mid-Life crisis was simply superb, and had them rolling in the isles, on the pool table and the bar. Please pick Tony again to help with your show! I nearly weed. It goes like this.


If you were invited to a 50th birthday party in Ibiza, would you go? To help you decide, Sarah takes you on her journey and it’s one you’ll never forget. Winner of What’s on Readers’ Award 2017 – Best Midlands Comedy Breakthrough Act.

‘Her big personality and raw brassiness go far in making the good times roll’ (Steve Bennett, Chortle).

‘Sarah is one of the brightest and funniest acts to play my clubs; her likeable persona means that audiences quickly warm to her and her material’ (Alan Seaman, Ship of Fools Comedy).

Harvey Hawkins:

No write up for Harvey but just click this prank call video its brilliant.




Headlining is Gavin Webster.

Gavin Webster’s style of comedy is loud, sharp and controversial – and audiences love him for it.
A definite Geordie, Gavin has superb stage presence. His material is bold and provocative yet delivered in a charming manner – which has brought him much praise and attention.

Gavin has now established himself as one of the most exciting talents to emerge on the national comedy circuit in recent years. After turning his back on the comedy double-act, he went solo in 1995 and hasn’t looked back.

“Tough talking, no nonsense Geordie wit” – The Scotsman


The Generous Briton (Genny B): Scampi’s Karaoke

Picture taken at Back to the 80’s, Courtesy of Paul ‘Manny’ Manson