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#MeltonMowbrayRuralHeartofMusic Venues include The Generous Briton (Genny B), The Grapes, The Cutting Room, The Noel’s Arms, The Crown, The Black Swan, The White Lion, The Crown (Asfordby), The Boat, The Sute (Asfordby Hill) The Sugar Loaf (Ab Kettleby) The Roase and Crown (Hose) The Nags Head (Harby),The Carington Arms (Ashby Folville) The Geese and Fountain (Croxton Kerrial), The Saddle (Twyford), The Tavern, Melton Theatre, and any other pop up events within the Borough of Melton Mowbray. If you Can’t Find It? #GigGuideIt

So with all the pubs closed, What we goin’ to do? Jo Bowtell came up with a cracker of an Idea

THE VIRTUAL PUB Sunday Is Funday!!!! No Matter Where You Are

Opens today at 6pm

6pm – Live Music from Lindsay Hannon

Hailing from the North East, tonight at 6 we have the soulful groovings of Miss Lindsay Hannon.

7.00pm – Live Darts With Jonny Trash

7.30pm – Mick Jagger Monday with Scampi

“Hey You Get offa My Cloud” Mick Jagger clone Scampi Scamperson will be providing tonight’s audio and visual feast at #thevirtualpub. come join us from 7.30pm for requests, chat and banter. And maybe a little Karaoke Too!

Paul woke up after a really vivid dream when he was only Thirteen and a half…..In this dream he was dancing and a prancin’ around like Jagger “Start me Up”…………It’s time to  Get out Ya’ Ya-Ya’s! Let Mick be the be one of your highlights this weekend! Scampi’s Sticky Fingers have been entertaining Melton Mowbray for nearly 20 years and actually filled in for the Stones one time when Keef forgot his pick and Charlie snapped a stick, (heard it in in the #thevirtualpub so it must be true!) This crowd pulling legendry tribute to the Rolling Stones intend to keep on rockin’ just as long, if not longer than the original band. The band love playing their hometown and are humbled by the reception they receive each and every time. Rapturous feedback from the crowds over the years and the dedication of their faithful fans mean this band will Not Fade Away !!

Tues 24th

6.30pm – Quiz With Jonny Trash

8pm – Original Music Open Mic Night

hosted by Simon Booth

Usually on a Thursday Night in our little market Town. Fance ago on our virtual Music stage? Got new material? Got a bit of stage fright to overcome? Then come to the Virtual Open Mic Night for a judgement free, extremely friendly open mic night.

Hope to see some friendly faces popping in Thursday night

Can’t play? Just watch and Come on down, support your local music and upcoming local talent! There’s a free drink for each performer (But you have to provide it yourself) and a friendly and supportive atmosphere guaranteed! Everyone welcome, singers, musicians, comedians, poets etc!

From Simon Both:

“Hi all, I’m excited to announce that on Thursday I will be running a the Virtual Open Mic like the one  at the Noels Arms. Melton is full of musicians and music lovers so all singers, guitarist, percussionists, etc you are all welcome. Please share to as many musicians and music lovers you know so we can make this a great one. All ages and styles of music welcome. Come and have a great one.”

Simon Booth at the BBC’s Escape to the Perfect Town Jam Nigh, Melton Mowbray. Picture Credit Pete Wilkinson (Gig Guide Pete)

Wed 25th:

The Virtual Melton Folk Club 7.30pm

The Term ‘Folk Club is Very Loose’

The Melton Folk Club is the Brainchild of Adrian Kerr and has been running for several years now. You should see the Autumn Folk festival, It look like the Folk Mafia are on the way to do a hit somewhere, are all those Guitar cases or are they machine Guns?

Adrian Kerr:

“If you can play fiddle or if you can’t play fiddle, if you can dance, if you can pole dance, if you like blues or hate blues, if you can tap your foot, if you can’t tap you’re foot, if you like a good laugh, if you like a bad laugh, if you are looking for something, if you think you’ve found something, if you like heavy metal, if you like light metal, if you think you can sing, if you think you can’t sing, if you can recite poems if you can’t recite poems, if you’re a doctor, if you’re not a doctor, if you’re ever so musical, if you’re ever so slightly musical, if you’re not in the slightest musical, if you like Dylan, if you hate Dylan, if you’ve got new shoes, if you’ve got old shoes, if you like beer, if you like a lot of beer, if you’re moody, if you’re broody, if you’re darn right choosey, if you’re the boss if you hate the boss, if you like eating nuts, if you are indeed a bit of a nut, if you like clapping, if you don’t clap or even if you want to sit and listen to some good music for a while…….you are most welcome. The Melton Folk Club, tonight and every

Adrian Kerr’s new Folk club page is here:

Thursday 26th

In the #thevirtualpub #HopeInnMeltonMowbray

4pm Disney Quiz

5pm Make your Own Pasta with Hazel Patterson

Hazel Patterson is not only a mate but an amazing freelance food, drink and travel writer based in Melton Mowbray in the East Midlands.  Her Website “Its Not F**cking Rocket” (Is Where I nicked this from) and she says, “Where you can read my recipes, articles and watch my recipe films over here on Metro.  I also write for Sainsburys Magazine and do a regular cooking feature on BBC Radio Leicester.

I travel all over the place both with my writing work and my work as a freelance photographer and am available for commissions. Follow me on Instagram to see what I am up to. You can also contact me on Twitter @HazelPaterson or email me or via my photography website: I’m also on LinkedIn.”

6 Quick Fire Quiz With Jonny Trash

Jonny Trash, The Barman, The Singer Songwriter, The Legend, finds lots of ways to fill your time with more of his quiz nonsense.

In #thevirtualpub Remember there’s often a 40 second lag to Jonny so someone else may win your point, Its just for fun. Award yourself a point anyway.

Missed the Last one? Here ya go Try again. Here you go, Try Again:

7 – 9pm CJ Hatt

Don’t forget folks! Tonight I will be live from RAW studios From 7 pm playing a live gig for you all for a couple of hours! On on THE VIRTUAL PUB Sunday Is Funday!!!! No Matter Where You Are

If you enjoy what you’re watching and hearing while you are sitting indoors enjoying a drink and relaxing then don’t forget to drop me a tip, my PayPal link will be provided tonight!

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out my new EP that was released last night! £5 for purchase or £1 per track individually!

CJ Brings his unique high-energy approach to be a one-man pub covers band. Not content with that, his own material is at least as good as any of the ‘famous’ stuff he can deliver with real style, and he’ll more than likely do requests as well. CJ Hatt repertoire ranges from old classics through to modern hits while keeping you guessing what’s coming next too! With such an extensive setlist CJ Hatt can accommodate most requests too so come along and get involved in what always proves to be a highly entertaining and high energy performance that sets CJ head and shoulders above other acoustic acts!

8pm #Clap

Stop, Stand on your Doorstep and Clap for The NHS.

(8.05 CJ Hatt Resumes )

9pm Virtual Scampi’s Karaoke.

We can’t do this in the Genny B tonight so we will host in your favourite virtual pub. Send in your requests and we will play as many as we can and you can sing along at home. Don’t Forget to Send in Your Videos.

Sing like no-ones listening

Picture taken at Back to the 80s III. Picture Credit Paul Manny Manson from Mannytography

Or also at 9pm Virtual Comedy New Acts/New Material

hosted Jon Pearson

After the success of the Comedy Virtual Live – Pro Night. We are opening our doors on a Thursday for New Act / New material.

Same format, 1 hour show but with more acts doing shorter sets.

Donations again welcome throughout, will all be split between the acts and a % will go to the Comedians Crowd Funding page.

YouTube link is here: